AnyLint is universal code linting as a free service. You can install the Github App to get your commits linted — no configuration needed — or upload your files manually.

Upload file(s) Install the Github App to get all your commits linted

While AnyLint doesn't need a configuration to work, you can still configure it, so it works the way you want it to work.

AnyLint UNIX Command

Quickly lint your entire codebase on any UNIX system without installing a single linter using our lightweight AnyLint command. You can install it using:

Once installed, you can use anylint to lint all files in the working directory and anylint version to check for updates.

Supported languages

Language Extension(s) Linter
JavaScript .js jshint
Python 3 .py pylint
Java .java pmd
Go .go golint
C++ .cpp & .ino gcc
PHP .php PHP
TypeScript .ts tslint
C .c gcc
Bash & dialects .sh, .bash, .dash & .ksh shellcheck
Lua .lua luacheck
Perl .pl, .pm, .t & .pod Perl
HTML .html & .htm tidy
CSS .css csslint
JSON .json jsonlint
XML .xml xmllint
YAML .yml & .yaml xamllint
Markdown .md markdownlint

Missing a language? Other issues? Send me an email: [email protected] [ PGP Key ]

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