AnyLint is free, universal code linting as a service. You can install the Github App to get your commits linted — no configuration needed — or upload your files manually.

Upload file(s) Install the Github App to get all your commits linted

Whilst AnyLint doesn't need a configuration to work, you can still configure it.

AnyLint UNIX Command

Quickly lint your entire codebase on any UNIX system without installing a single linter using our lightweight AnyLint command. You can install it using:

Once installed, you can use anylint to lint all files in the working directory and anylint version to check for updates.

Supported languages

Language Extension(s) Linter
JavaScript .js jshint
Python 2 & 3 .py pylint
Java .java pmd
Go .go golint
C++ .cpp, .ino gcc
PHP .php PHP
TypeScript .ts tslint
C .c gcc
Bash & dialects .sh, .bash, .dash, & .ksh shellcheck
Lua .lua luacheck
Perl .pl, .pm, .t, .pod Perl
HTML .html & .htm tidy
CSS .css csslint
JSON .json jsonlint
XML .xml xmllint
YAML .yml & .yaml xamllint
Markdown .md markdownlint

This list is constantly growing. Got a suggestion? Email me at [email protected]

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